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Foot Mask

Hada Riki

Hot Gelma Foot Pad (Lavender) 28pcs


- Warm feeling on the soles.- It uses hot extract powder, it is a sap sheet which you can feel warm feeling as usual.- Just stick it on your feet before going to bed.- Wave rock negative ion, tree extract, germanium triple power took extra moisture of...

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Wood Vinegar Patche 8pcs


- Help detox-refresh your body from foot's sole- It uses its mokusaku (wood vinegar) extract along with tourmaline, chitosan compound.- Mokusaku contains natural minerals and plenty of others active ingredients.- Chitosan extracted from crab shell- It is...

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Nourishing and Refreshing Foot Pack 1pair


ECO-CERT organic argan oil, lavender water and rich emollient formula with eucalyptus, peppermint, rose ,shea butter and botanical extracts help feet with deep moisturizing, nutrition, and refreshing properties while nutrients penetrate deeply and...

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