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Premium Red Ginseng Set 5pcs

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Daandan Bit Premium Red Ginseng Set 5pcs
1. Red Ginseng Skin Toner 150ml
This Red Ginseng Skin Toner is a toner that gives plenty rest and moisture to skin by containing galactomyces ferment filtrate as a base to intactly capture nature's freshness and helps making healthy skin. Red Ginseng extract straightens up skin texture after washing up, intensively supplying moisture to vitalize dried skin caused by unbalanced yin and yang and turns skin soft and moist.

2. Red Ginseng Lotion 150ml
Lotion, containing Red Ginseng extract with soft and moist feeling of use, gives vitality and elasticity to skin, and it turn skin clear and clean by containing galactomyces ferment filtrate. Galactomyces ferment filtrate is absorbed smoothly into skin without irritation, making skin clear and moist and turn skin elastic by delivering comfort and vitality deep into the skin.

3. Red Ginseng Cream 50g
Nourishment cream, containing galactomyces ferment filtrate with moist touch strengthens elasticity of skin with lost elasticity, makes skin soft and flexible and it turn skin healthy by containing stem cell (tomato callus cultivated extracted). In oriental medicine the reason for dry skin is said to be caused by the lack of yin and yang breaking the skin balance and not having smooth flow of the skin. It's high-enriched cream whose red ginseng extract vitalized tired skin and makes it lively and healthy, and its galactomyces ferment filtrate and various natural extract interact in harmony to deeply moisturize the skin.
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